Why do teachers get paid so little?



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    There’s no good answer to this question, they should get paid more. The reason teachers in America get paid so little is because schools are for the most part public, meaning they are government funded. Local governments simple do not have enough funds, or allocate their funds in other ways than paying teachers well.

    Its also, like anything else, supply and demand driven. Since people are willing to teach for that price, there isn’t enough incentive to paying them more (although this would probably attract more skilled people as teachers, which could have untold benefits to society in the long run).

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    Teachers are usually paid locally rather than through the government.  As a result, this can lead to less pay.  It’s a shame that teachers get paid so little for the great work that they do.  They really should be paid more.

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    Not all teachers are paid so poorly, but yes it is a problem. The education system needs to be overhauled in this country, and they should be paid much more as they are the ones teaching and influence the future of the country.

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    Displaced priorities.  A lot of times, the taxpayers vote on propositions that would make a difference but taxpayers get trapped in the struggle of finding a way to make their own funds extend far enough for themselves.  There seems to be a lot of additional administrative and back-office labor that might be better utilized in other ways.

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