Why do sunsets look red?



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    Sunlight is also called white light and contains all of the colors and wavelegnths of the spectrum.  As the sun sets, more red light is distributed through the atmosphere, because the light must pass through aerosol clouds that are distributed low in the atmosphere.  The aerosol fogs act as light-filters, absorbing blue, green, and yellow light and allowing red, purple, and pink light to pass through.  

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    beachcalifornia.com provides a good explanation. The website states that as the sun begins to set, the light has to travel farther to reach your eye. As it travels through the atmosphere, more of the light is scattered and reflected. “Only the longer wavelengths are left in the direct beam that reaches your eyes,” which are the reds, while the shorter wavelengths of blue and green are scattered. Thus sunsets look red due to the earth’s atmosphere and nature of light waves.

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