Why do sugar and fat taste so good to us when they’re bad for our health?



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    In limited amounts, sugar and fat are not only good for us, they’re essential for life. Certain fats, or lipids, form the membranes of our cells and other important body structures. They can provide insulation against cold and injury. Sugars provide us with energy for everything we do. Since they are so important, we are hard-wired to seek out foods with these ingredients.

    The problem with eating sugary, fatty foods is that in developed nations today, they are too easy to get. We have not evolved that much from our hunter-gatherer past; our body expects that it needs to expend a lot of energy just to seek food and shelter, and therefore tells us to eat any sugar and fat we can find. But since we can just drive to the supermarket and by a 12-pack of doughnuts, we are getting much more than we need, all at once.

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