Why do sturgeon get so big?



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    Sturgeons are one of many species (mostly fish and reptiles) that have “indeterminate growth” meaning their bodies continue to grow as long as they are alive. Unlike humans and many mammal species who have who stop growing at a certain point (“determinate growth”), the sturgeon will continue to get larger as long as it can avoid predation and disease. A sturgeon as large as some of the more famous sturgeon like Herman in the Columbia River, or the famous Russian sturgeon from the 1800s, is a rare and lucky fish indeed.

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    An additional factor to consider when considering the growth and scale of oceanic creatures is the fact they do not have to support their own weight. This helps explain the more enormous sea creatures, such as the blue whale, whale shark and collosal squid. There are a number of other potential contributing factors, explored briefly in the article I am enclosing

    I’m aware this is less of a precise answer than cheseaschulyer’s, but hopefully it will be both informative and interesting.

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