Why do species evolve faster in coral reefs?



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    Science magazine recently published an article that species evolve 50% faster in coral reefs than in other shallow water areas.  This finding is based on fossils dating back 540 million years, showing that evolution happened more quickly in the coral reef areas, but patterns have not yet been established and the reason hasn’t been found.

    Perhaps related is the fact that evolution is faster in tropical areas than in temperate ones, either because the warmer weather implies a higher metabolism which in turns suggests faster rates of genetic mutation, or because more generations are produced more quickly, so the evolutionary changes will happen relatively faster. 

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    Relative is the key term, as evolution is a lengthy process that takes many generations to witness.  Unfortunately, those who deny evolution try to cite the fact that evolution cannot be witnessed so therefore it does not exist. These arguments are completely false and demonstrate ignorance, but also touch on Lamarck, who was a biologist who thought that instead of evolution, creates could simply change when they needed to in order to adapt to their environment.

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