Why do some places on Earth produce so much more heat than others?



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    You asked this in weather and atmosphere – if you mean air temperatures, then it has to do with climate, clouds, seasons, distance from the poles, altitude, etc.

    If you really mean the heat production of the earth, it is because the distribution of heat within the earth, as well as the radioactive minerals that generate heat in the earth in an ongoing manner, are quite irregular. And the rocks that “insulate” the surface from the heat are highly variable, in their thickness and composition, and the latter controls the transmission of heat (as well as other transmittable quantities).

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    It has been proved scientifically that the earth is spherical and so all places on earth do not receive equal amount of sunlight. Area within Lat 23.5 degrees nrth and south receive more sunlight and so have higher temperature. Howvever, this depends on the season as the earth revolves round its orbit exposing different parts at different seasons. 

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