Why do some people still refuse to believe in climate change?



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    Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that suggests the reality of global climate change, many refuse to accept it as truth. Many of these individuals are conservatives whom reject other forms of science (evolution is the prime example), so this is not a new concept. However, it should be noted that there is a difference between those who do not believe in climate change, and those who oppose it, specifically legislation that makes provisions for the prevention of global warming. There are many who are against the cap and trade policies that are necessitated by such legislation, as well as the high increase in monetary concessions that is demanded of American households with these laws in place. I have attached an editorial blog from one such individual, to further illustrate this argument. 

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    It seems that some people have a hard time believing in Global Warming. Since Global Warming and climate change seem to go hand in hand, it’s hard for some people to grasp. Scientific evidence suggests that both of these issues exist, are related, and are a huge problem….yet people still don’t want to believe it. It is a political, religious, super human issue for many people. 

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    Some people are simply overwhelmed by the thought of humans being a leading cause in the reason for the world’s quick rise in temperatures.  They would rather believe the earth is warming in conjunction to natural occurrences and not the accelerated spike because of pollution.  There are no simple solutions and no one has yet to unveil the master plan to reverse or halt the deterioration of delicate ecosystems.  This uncertainty of finding a solution is part of the reason why people are in denial –  we have a huge problem with no current way to stop it.

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    It is my opinion that like emc said, people just do not want to believe that their everyday activities that they believe as rights (driving, for one) may change the earth in such a way as to make it unlivable for human beings. I think that the reason people don’t want to believe it is that they do not want to feel the responsibility to have to change the way they live, and if they can chalk it up to natural processes, then they can pretend that there is nothing that they can do as individuals.

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    Some people remain unconvinced because climate science- just like any science- is not perfect and exact.  The predictions of climate scientists are just best guesses as to what will happen with CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and how that will affect our climate.  The Climategate scandal of earlier this year helped to stoke disbelief of climate science by exposing documents where scientific findings had been exaggerated to support certain hypotheses.  People suspect that some scientists are trying to make money off of climate change through grants for their skewed reasearch. 

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