Why do some people or animals smell so much better than others?



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    Wow, interesting question. My guess is that one of things that determines the smell of people and animals is their grooming habits. With people, let’s just say it; some wash more than others for a variety of different reasons. This is the same case with animals. Cats for example groom themselves way more than dogs. Dogs don’t seem to care if they are dirty and smell. I would also imagine that the smell of people and animals has to do with their ability to attract or put off others. I have read blogs of homeless women that want to be as dirty and smelly as possible for protection against sexual assault from men. Skunks are a good example of animals that use smell as a defense mechanism. There are also some people that can’t help the way that they smell because of a medical condition like hyperhidrosis, where they excessively sweat all of the time.

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