Why do some people have poor circulation?



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    A majority of the time, poor circulation is caused by the lack of mechanical movements of the body.  The heart can only do a certain amount of pumping and needs assistance with exercise, movement to keep blood flow going.  There are various diseases linked to poor circulation including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and more. 

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    Sickle cell anemia is a somewhat common medical ocndition that can slow down a person circulation, causing them to freel fatigued. 

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    Poor circulation is also known as Peripheral Vascular Disease, or PVD, in the medical field. The most common cause of PVD is Peripheral Artery Disease, which results when fatty material builds up inside the arteries, forming deposits which block or restrict blood flow through the vessels. A blood clot could also result in poor circulation and diabetes can cause long-term damage. Inflamed arteries, an infection, genetic structural defects, and an injury are also all reasons that people can develop poor circulation. Health-wise, those who are over 50 years old, are overweight, smoke, have diabetes, have high blood pressure, and/or lead an inactive life are all at a much higher risk for PVD as well.

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