why do some people have allergies?



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    Allergies are caused by an individual’s immune system responding to harmless foreign substances (allergens).  While the immune system is set up to protect the body from dangerous invaders, it sometimes gets confused and tries to protect the body against harmless things, like pollen and pet dander.  The tendency to develop allergies is hereditary, so the reason some people get allergies and others don’t is primarily an issue of genetics.  However, what is interesting about allergies is that they have become significantly more common in the last few decades than they ever were before.  No one is completely sure as to why this is, but one suggestion is that it has to do with the increase in foreign substances that we are exposed to in our air, water and food.  Evidence for this theory is that allergies are much more common in developed countries and in suburban areas.  Another possibility is that people (especially children) in developed countries aren’t exposed to enough germs, and so their immune systems doesn’t learn the difference between harmful invaders and innocuous substances.

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