Why do some people go bald and some don’t?



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    There are many different causes of hair loss than vary from individual to individual. It could be caused by heredity (adrogenic alopecia), inflammation damaging the hair follicle (cicatricial alopecia), developed autoimmune disease (Alopecia areata) , severe distress (Telogen effluvium) and even excessive hairstyling or pulling hair too tightly too often (traction alopecia). 

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    As jmendez states, there are various reasons for balding that have baffled both scientists and those afflicted with balding for decades. 

    In male pattern baldness, the growing cycle simply stops happening.  Over a period of time, each individual strand of hair no longer grows as long as it should.  At the same time, the hair becomes finer and eventually the growing process ceases to exist.

    What’s really interesting is that scientists have not yet figured out why exactly hair loss happens so it can strike one brother and not the other and it can start in the individual’s 20s or later in life. 

    Long ago there were many different reasons as to why men went bald including unclean living, going to prostitutes, excessive masturbation, and stress.  Of course now we know these reasons are obviously not true but baldness affected so many people that everyone thought they had a reason as to why it was happening. 

    Nowadays more men are learning to embrace their baldness … at least until scientists can figure out a reason and a cure besides the combover!

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    The balding gene is carried on the maternal side.  The best way to tell if someone will inherit male pattern baldness is to survey the number of men of the maternal side that were bald.  Androgen hormones play the largest role in the actual physiological process of becoming bald.

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