Why do some people get sick from drinking water from streams?



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    One reason people may get sick is due to E.coli bacteria. Because of septic system failures, bacteria that should be filtered through the soil gets pushed into natural water supplies.  When people drink the water that is contaminated, they may get sick from ingesting the E.coli bacteria.

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    In the US, the common disease-generating critter in streams is Giardia; most lakes and streams in the US contain it, even in many pristine-seeming settings.

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    Also, the problem is that people are sensitive to different bacteria. Of course E.Coli is a main issue in most places, but since people are more sensitive to different compounds then it is hard to pinpoint exactly why some people get sick from drinking the stream water and some don’t.

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    there are many germs and bacteria in the air and soil.all the dirt that is washed away by the rain flows to the stream and therefore the water is contaminated.if someone drinks that water without no purification or any other special treatment applied on it,there is a possibility of getting sick.again chemicals from industries contaminate water making it unsafe for drinking.in zimbabwe the most common disease associated with contaminated water is diarrhoea.

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    People get sickness by drinking water from the stream because stream water is an important haven for some of the microorganisms that cause diseases in man. Some of these are bacteria like E. coli; protozoans like Dracunculus medinesis, and a host of others. Al these cause sicknesses in human making stream water unsafe for human consumption.

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    Stream water is very easily contaminated. Stream runoff can contain chemicals from nearby areas while animals upstream use the water for drinking as well as cleaning. Humn and animal excrement can usually be found in stream water as well. All of these create a combination of substances that can make many people sick. It is always a good idea to purify stream water before you drink it.

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