Why do some people get bruises a lot easier than others?



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    This may happen for a few reasons. One reason may be that an individual does not have an adequate layer of body fat which acts as a barrier. This is one of the main reasons why elderly people and children bruise easily. Another may be the rare genetic disorder called von Willebrand disease, which prevents the blood from clotting properly.

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    Some people may also be anemic, in which they have low iron counts in their blood and are more apt to bruise easily.

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    Different people bruise with various amounts of ease, and it could be related to a few different factors. The more fat a person has covering their body, the less likely they are to bruise easily. This is one reason that children and the elderly bruise fairly easily, they have less fat on their bodies. Certain diseases, such as von Willdebrand disease, prevent the blood from clotting and may result in frequent bruising. This disease is rare, but other problems with your body such as a liver disorder or difficulties with your blood clotting may also result in unneccesary bruising.

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