Why do some people build their careers around defending the environment?



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    I could write about why I do it, but that felt so bias. I’m not sure I can avoid that, but just scanning environmental career websites I found these words to be common: “fulfilling” “future” “our children” “nature enthusiast.” Giving me the general sense that many people are drawn to dedicating their life in the protection of the environment because it makes them feel good, to put it simply. Reasons may be due to a childhood of nature loving, and wanting to protect it for future generations, or a love of a particular or all animals, that comes naturally to them and makes them feel bad when they think of their extinction. And some may be quite practical about it, the future of the economy can be said to lie in incorporating the environment which must be preserved in order to be utilized. Just some ideas.

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    A lot of good reasons have been covered, but I’ll try to add. It’s cliche, but a lot of people like the idea of making the world a better place. They want to do their part to keep the world a place where people want to live. They may feel guilty over how polluted humans have made the planet, and want to stop the degradation. And sometimes working for the environment means working IN the environment, which some people would much prefer to sitting at a desk all day.

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    I would say that people build a career around defending the environment because if they don’t, there won’t be an environment left. If we left the advocating for the environment itself, I feel that it would be too late once we started to see symptoms. We are already seeing symptoms of a failing environment and people are ignoring them. We need people to advocate for the environment if we are going to continue to survive. Other reasons may just be because of an inherent passion for nature and the outdoors.

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    For me, I believe each life has potential -but it’s very short.  You don’t get very long before you leave this world.  And while the world is beautiful, it’s also a place of incredible turmoil -probably moreso now than in any other point in human history.  When I die, I want to feel like I did something worthwhile to help the people I’ll leave behind.  To me, fighting environmental disaster and protecting the natural world is a good way to do it.

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    Simply put someone has to be a crusader for the environment. With so many issues developing throughout the world each day, each issue needs someone to watch over it to make sure it never loses importance. This is the case with people who build their careers around developing the environment. Each day our environment is getting worse and worse; people remain so dedicated to their own cares and wants that they do not realize they may be contributing to the problem. This is why environmentalists are very important; they make sure to inform people of ways they can help conserve the environment.

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    I believe that all of the above reasons are valid. I do what I can to protect and defend the environment, because I think it is important.

    Something that hasn’t really been mentioned is that “going green” has become extremely popular in the past decade. Companies who provide consumers with ways to become more environmentally friendly have made a lot of money from this trend. Some people’s reasons for devoting themselves to defending the environment is because they want to make a profit!

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    I agree with everyone’s answers. Every comment is so inspiring and makes me smile knowing that there are people out there who share the same philosophies on life and perception of the world. I am slowly, but surely buuilding my career in protecting the environment and trying to make the world more sustainable. My reasons are very naive and juvenile, but they are what make me want to wake up every morning and get going. I like the multi-disciplinary approach in the environmental field. You have to look at so many sides of the picture. I like that because I like to learn and apply many different concepts and ideas to hopefully develop an effective solution. I want to do something that will make a positive impact in the future. I want to say to future generations a few decades later that I tried to help make their world a better place to live. It makes me feel good that I am doing something good, hopefully. Last but not least, I just like the subject. There is still so much to learn about my field! I am not in it for the money. If I was, I might be in law or medical school now. 

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