Why do some parts of your body scar easily while others don’t?



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    Scars are a natural part of the healing process. Scars form from tissues that replace skin after injury. Scars form differently for a variety of reasons, including depth, size of wound, incision, location of injury, age, heredity, sex, and ethnicity can affect how a scar will form and what it will look like. There are different types of scars, the most common being hypertrophic and keloid scarring, but also atrophic scarring and stretch marks. Hypertrophic scars are ones that raise above the skin or look like red lumps; these include keloid scars which can become tumorous. Keloid scars are more common in dark skinned people, but can also be caused by surgery, accident, acne, or body piercing. They are most common in the shoulders and chest. Atrophic scars are sunken, and occur with acne or chickenpox. Stretch marks are cause when the skin is stretched rapidly, as during pregnancy and occur around joints or the area that has changed or expanded. 

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