Why do some groups contest the idea of global warming?



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    Some groups don’t believe in global warming because they don’t believe enough concrete evidence exists. Many believe that the liberal media supported by Al Gore and other environmentalists is using “the world is doomed” tactic to scare people into believing global warming is real. One of the effects of global warming is increased temperatures. In 2005, the US experienced very high temperatures. According to globalwarminglies.com, temperatures have been on the increase since 1940, and at that time, not nearly as much carbon dioxide was being release into the atmosphere.

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    To add to shaydeeavery’s answer, it’s often not that the majority of critics question the idea of global warming (although some, of course, still do). There is much evidence that the earth is indeed warming up at a faster rate than it used to. It’s that they contest the notion that global warming is caused by humans, or in other words, is “anthropogenic.” Because if humans caused it, then they should theoretically (according to many) be responsible for it as well. Aha! A spiritual, economic and political dilemma. 

    A really interesting documentary to watch on this point of debate is the “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, a film that presents some arguments for why the belief that global warming is anthropogenic (again, caused by humans) is wrong. The movie was criticized by much of the scientific community for various reasons, but it’s still a very interesting documentary to watch. Some of their arguments include:

    • The impact of water vapour over anthropogenic greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide
    • The influence of the sun on climate change (in other words, that solar power is more influential than any man made activity)
    • Supposed variations of the global warming rate

      I would highly recommend giving this film a try. Although I do not agree with its views (some further research led me discover the fallibility of many of the documentary’s arguments), it is an extremely intriguing film to watch. Just make sure you do some follow-up research afterwards.


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