Why do some evangelists oppose global warming?



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    Some evangelical Christians oppose global warming and environmental efforts at large, because they believe that the earth is not our true home and that salvation lies in heaven, not on earth, so therefore it doesn’t matter what happens to nature and the earth, because we are bound for heaven anyhow. I have a suspicion that this idea has political motivations behind it rather than religious ones. 

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    From what I understand, they do not oppose global warming as much as they oppose the notion that it is caused by man.

    The answer to your question, in my opinion, is because they are not as educated in the subject as others. I realize there are some scientists that claim that global warming is a hoax (although I have not met any), but most people who refuse science are under educated and religious. Religions tells people that god created the world for us. We have dominion over all the animals. This makes people act very selfish and stubborn when it comes to the environment.

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