Why do some doctors recommend taking an aspirin every day?



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    Since aspirin interferes with the blood’s ability to clot, some doctors recommend that patients take a low dosage of aspirin daily.  Daily use of aspirin could have serious side effects like internal bleeding. Doctors recommend that people only take aspirin every day if they are at high risk of having a stroke or heart attack. People should avoid a daily aspirin regimen if they have asthma, bleeding disorders, hear failure or other risks.

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    Taking an aspirin a day thins the blood, thus preventing blockages to the heart. It is primarly people who have been diagnosed with heart disease that are most likely to benefit from this prescription; it is not thought to be beneficial for those in good health (if a doctor is making this recommendation to a patient without known heart disease, I would be suspect.) A very low dose is the normal recommendation (75mg/day); taking more than the recommended dose can result in harmful side effects.


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