Why do some countries eat certain animals that the United States would usually title as pets. (e.i., dogs, silk worms, rat, horse, ect.)



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    While eating dog isn’t typically socially acceptable in the U.S., it’s not always completely frowned upon.  In many countries it is acceptable, and seen as part of the food chain.  Many countries take food where ever they can get it, even in the U.S., it is not illegal to serve dog meat.  It all depends on an individuals morals and tastes.  I for one, love dogs and would never eat them.  However, I would never criticize some one who did.  We all need food to survive, and everyone has different standards and moral compasses.  


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    Some cultures eat animals that Americans generally regard as pets for health benefits. The Chinese eat dogs, snakes for benefit their health. Some cultures eat them because of superstitution or tradition. Some cultures simply eat them because there is nothing else to eat. Some poor villages in Africa eat beetles for their high protein content and their availability. 

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    Part of the question in the US is whether meat, for example horse meat, is inspected by the USDA. Changes to horse meat laws are in process in Congress. There are several issues, including whether it’s economical, and whether it’s inhumane.

    It can be assumed that similar problems are attached to other potential food animals.

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    The real question is why the US considers there animals as pets? To the people that eat dogs, it might seem ridiculous that we allow dogs in our homes.

    The whole idea of eating animals is universal. People eat animals because they at least partially believe that they are entitled. They eat animals because their parents and grandparents ate animals. It is very much  culture related.

    People think that they are the most intelligent species, hence everything on this earth is to our advantage.

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