Why do some birds change colors?



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    Some birds (like flamingos) owe the color of their feathers to nutrients they get in their diet.  It stands to reason that if their diet changes, or they cannot certain foodsduring specific times of the year, then their coloring will change.  Other birds change their colors during breeding seasons. This can make them more visible and attractice to mates.

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    In many species of parrot, color change is a way of showing maturity — as the bird ages, a combination of diet, changing body weight, and physical well-being promotes the color-differentiation necessary to turn these young sun conures (which are mostly green):

    into these mature, mostly yellow sun conures with distinctive red patches on their face:

    Just as some puppies’ coats change color as they mature and shed their youthful coats for more vibrant, tougher fur, so too do these parrots exchange their younger green feathers for the more mature yellow color scheme representative of their age and good health.

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