Why do so many people try and often succeed in hurting big cats such as jaguars, cheetah and lions?

I just don’t understand why people would do such things.



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    Large cats such as jaguars, cheetahs and lions are classified as “big game” and have been attractive hunting targets for most of human history. Former US President Teddy Roosevelt, for example, when he left office in 1909, went on a well-publicized African safari and brought back boatloads of dead animals, most of which would today be considered endangered species. Big cats are attractive game because they’re considered harder to track and kill, and therefore the skill needed to hunt them is typically greater. Also, the products that can be made from these animals are profitable: rugs and hides, for example, and in the case of other big game like elephants, tusks or even their feet. There is big money in Africa particularly in the wildlife poaching business, where hunters bag big game, usually illegally, and then sell the trophies to middlemen who offer them on the black market.

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    I think there is a variety of reasons for this, and the one I would put my money on is that hunting and killing is in the nature of whoever is on the top of the food chain.  The part that is hard to understand I think is that hunting these days is made unnecessary by grocery stores, butcher’s shops, and the like — so what is the point of hunting anymore?  Well, in large part it has become a recreational sport, and with all sports, the players want to try different things, more dangerous things, and improve.  I think that’s why they choose big cats: they are just one link down on the food chain from humans, giving them the reputation as nature’s best hunters.  They’re fast, dangerous, and beautiful.  And some people will do a lot to pit their wits against such creatures. 

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      I just think it is so cruel and just so mean to the animals becaus personally i love big cats and they are just so beautiful animals.

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