Why do so many people not own cars in New York?



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    The New York city subway system has frequent service, is reasonably priced, and nearly all parts of the city (with exception of the eastern part of Queens) are accessible via it because unlike newer sprawling metropolises like LA and Phoenix, New York was not constructed before the 1950s when it was assumed that everyone would (or should) have cars. There really is no need to use a car within New York and honestly it would be more of a burden than a help.  Traffic jams can be frequent and there’s no place to park unless you want to pay some hefty parking fees.  

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    Aside from the traffic, parking is near impossible on the street.  Some apartments offer parking but it is an additional cost – typically a very expensive additional cost.  Then you have the issue of where to park when you get to work.  Not all companies have parking facilites and if they do, most of them charge, which yet again is just another cost.  It just makes more sense to use public transportation or cabs.  

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    Also a lot of things in New York City are centrally located around where you live. You won’t really need a car when the place you need to go is one block away. Like everyone else mentioned, parking is extremely difficult to find and traffic is almost always there. If you need to use public transportation for whatever reason, it’s much cheaper and more convenient than driving yourself. 

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