Why do so many people kill rattle snakes when they see them?



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    Many people kill snakes out of fear and ignorance. What people who kill snakes fail to realize is that snakes are important creatures, and that there would be ecosystem imbalances without them. If there were no snakes, there would be too many rodents, which carry diseases. The majority of snake bites actually occur when people try to kill snakes.

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    Besides using the meat and skin of the snake, the rattles are often used as parts of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. In the southern Appalachians, rattles were put in fiddles. There has also been use of rattlesnakes in alternative medicine. Whole or parts of the snake are dried and powdered and used to cure eczema and boils. In latin america, rattlesnakes are made into rattlesnake salt and sprinkled onto food to preserve its life. And some people kill them for defense, protection, out of fear, or some people just do it because they want the rattle as a souvenir.

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    People who simply kill rattlesnakes upon seeing them are likely doing so out of fear. They’ve been led to believe that rattlesnakes are a malevolent presence and an immediate threat to them and their loved ones. So, when they see one, they kill it. It’s unfair to the snake and it’s unnecessary, as avoiding rattlesnake bites is easy if you’re careful and knowledgeable about your local species. And, as alcyone mentioned earlier, most people get bitten in the first place when they attempt to kill or remove rattlesnakes they should just be leaving alone. Obviously, rattlesnakes are an important and natural part of the ecosystems in which they are present.

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