Why do so many people have so many shoes? Do we really need a pair of shoes for every outfit?

I am talking to guys too, not just ladies.



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    The number of pairs of shoes a person has is dictated by fashion, which at times can appear to make no sense at all. However, even if a person is driven to own an excessive number of shoes they can still be environmentally conscientious by buying second hand shoes or recycling their old shoes. Nike grind is a good place to recycle old sneakers, for example.

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    The way we treat clothing in the U.S. and Europe is not sustainable at all. Clothes are often discarded before their true life span is over, whether because they don’t fit exactly right, become out of style, or start to show signs of wear. The same is true of shoes – yes, they become worn and damaged over time, but not many people really wear a pair of shoes for their maximum life span.

    Having so many shoes and clothes is a symbol of a person’s socioeconomic status, which is more important to some people than others. Whatever the reason, it would be more sustainable if our culture had a more practical view of clothing – unfortunately that is not the case.

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    This bothers me too. Fashion in general bothers me. I like to look nice, but I will not go out of my way to buy tons of overpriced pieces of clothing or shoes. Perhaps it is our natural urge to impress others of our species in order to secure a good mate. Whatever it is, I hope that we generally trend toward a more practical number of shoes, and make them sustainably at that.

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