Why do so many people go hungry and we are wasting so much food here?



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    “At home, the average American family throws away 14 percent of their food, Jones said. In terms of money, that’s almost $600 every year in meats, fruit, vegetables and grain products.” In most fast food chains, the amount of food that goes to waste each day can reach up to 40%. The reason behind this is that restaurants and fast food chains are quite apprehensive about simply giving away food that they no longer need in fear of being sued by people. There is a possibility that the leftovers at the end of the day won’t live up to the food chain’s usual standards. In the home, most food goes to waste due to poor food storage habits and overestimation. In this case those who can afford money may keep on wasting food even unknowingly while the less fortunate continue to grow hungry.

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    Unfortunately it is a result of our culture. Americans are fortunate to live in a nation with an abundance of wealth and resources – though there are still many here who go hungry. It’s one of the unfair realities of our world: some will go hungry while others enjoy abundance. Not all nations can produce enough food to feed their populations and importing from other nations can be too expensive.

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