Why do so many people drink bottled water at restaurants, tap water is the same quality isn’t it?



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    I think the appeal of bottled water is due to its alleged “pristineness” as well as the exclusivity that goes along with bottles water. You are correct though that tap water is more regulated than bottled water. 

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    At the same time though, the tap water quality depends on where you are. In my hometown, they began adding fluoride to the water, which my sister researched and said it can potentially be poisonous if one intakes too much of it. Currently I live in San Diego, and my roommates and I filter our tap water to drink it. I’ve looked in our filters, and there is a good amount of charcoal flakes and random things in there.

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    Drinking bottled water is not always a bad thing.  A lot of places do not have quality drinking water, which forces them to either drink filtered or bottled water.  I live in California, and I do not like drinking water from the tap that has not been filtered, and there are some places that I can never be sure whether or not they are filtering it.

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    All tap water is not safe and it depends on where you live.  Many states (as well as other countries) do not have access to safe drinking water, so some people elect to drink bottled water instead, although it may or may not be regulated, again depending on where you live.

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    Surprisingly, some cities have very pure tap water. San Francisco’s water comes from the Hetch Hetchy Reserve in Yosemite, California-it’s ranked as one of the best cities in the country for water quality. New York City gets it’s water from a watershed in the Catskill Mountains.

    I personally think tap water is fine. I drink it without a filter. I agree with maddyg and think a lot of times people choose to drink bottled water to feel fancy or to show others they can afford to pay for a bottle of water in a nice place. 

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    They are and aren’t the same. While some are identical, some bottled water is probably better and some tap water is probably better. I, however, pretty much trust tap water in the United States.

    Bottled water companies, i.e., Pepsi-Cola (Aquafina) and Coca-Cola (Dasani), have virtually no oversight for water testing or treatment, whereas cities like New York test tap water hundreds of times a month. The plastic containers of bottled water can and do leak harmful toxins such as Bisphenol A–a contaminant linked to uterine cancer in women. Filling up a tin or stainless steel bottle with tap water is a safe alternative to harmful, wasteful bottled water.

    As to why people order bottled water instead of tap, I could only say that bottled water probably makes them feel safer.

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