Why do so many people become poachers?



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    It is a very profitable occupation. After hunting of an animal is limited or banned, the demand remains, but the supply dwindles – which means that the prices grow quickly (and they are often high enough to start with). It is against the law of course, but in many places it is not enforced strongly enough, making the risk – in poachers’ view – low enough compared to the money they’ll get. And poaching is often popular in poor regions, where there a few alternative jobs to find, and mostly low-paying ones at that.

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    As in most cases of desperation, people resort to poaching as a means of making money.  Shark fins, for example, are considered a delicacy in some countries which lead poachers to hunt sharks for a profit.  Other animal skins are in high demand for fashion, and they are usually acquired by poachers of limited means.  Because it is dangerous and often punishable by law, poaching is considered a last, but profitable resort for the destitute. 

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