Why do so many hurricanes happen in the Atlantic ocean?



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    Well, the Atlantic doesn’t necessarily get more hurricanes than the Pacific does; in fact, it usually doesn’t. According to the WNG meteorologist, the Atlantic averages 10 named storms and the Pacific averages 16. The Atlantic ones just get more attention because they pose more of a threat to people on the coastline. But hurricanes form in places with warm water and moist air; the Atlantic hurricanes start as thunder storms to the east and south, and move west over the tropical water. If the storm intensifies enough, it becomes a hurricane, and moves according to the wind currents.

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    Most hurricanes originate in the Atlantic ocean because of tropical waves from the west coast of Africa. Hurricanes get their energy from warm water. The water gives off warm air, creating a convection effect that swirls the air (warm air rises, then cools, and falls again). Since the waves from Africa are really warm (and abundant), they fuel an abundance of storms in the Atlantic.

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