Why do so many birds hang out at wetlands?



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    Birds use wetlands for breeding, nesting, and rearing young. Birds also use wetlands as a source of drinking water and for feeding, resting, shelter, and social interactions. Grebes, a particular type of waterfowl, have adapted to wetlands so greatly that their survival as individual species depends on the availability of certain types of wetlands within their geographic range. Other species like the northern pintail or the American widgeon use wetlands only during some parts of their lives.

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    Many consider wetlands the most productive land type because of the abundance of wildlife that utilizes it as well as its function for water quality and flood prevention. Birds love wetlands because of the availability of food, water, and nesting materials. Wetland plants provide good cover as well as food for vegetarian birds in the form of fruits, leaves and tubers. There are also many species of fish and invertebrates that are food for birds and are found nowhere else. 138 bird species in the US are dependent on wetlands

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