Why do so few people use clotheslines these days?



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    cause they dont want to wait for there clothes to dry if they can faster in the dryer but poor people hang there clothes because the dont have the money because they r poor

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    People just use dryers these days. It’s less physical work and doesn’t take as long as air drying. It’s a convenience and luxury to have in modern times. It uses a lot of energy and is more costly but not as tedious.

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    There are even communities that ban the use of clothes lines because they are seen as “eye sores” I found a hilarious clip about a woman in Bend, Oregon who was getting in trouble for hanging her clothes to dry. http://www.tsweekly.com/5780-the-colbert-report-takes-on-bends-clothesline-lady-in-this-hilarious-segment.html

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    Yeah, there are some areas in my county where clotheslines are illegal. But, in place where they are legal, clotheslines aren’t very popular because it does take a lot of effort to pin each article of clothing individually and wait for it to airdry. There’s also the issue of weather and pollution. In certain neighborhoods (like mine), hanging your clothes is asking for them to get stolen.

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    Many people do not live in areas that are conducive to using a clothesline to dry their clothes.  Others live in developments that ban the use of clotheslines because they are apparently unsightly and bad for property values.  I personally find this completely ridiculous, but it happens in a lot of places. Some people just don’t want to wait a long time for their clothes to dry and instead use a washer/dryer.  

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    Hahaha, wow that last answer. Anyway, like most people have said it’s really the time thing. My mom use to dry our clothes on a clothing line back when we were younger even though we did have a dryer. She just liked doing it that way, plus she was a stay-at-home mom back then. She started working after my parents got separated and had less time to do a lot of things, including hanging our clothes to dry. It’s just faster and takes less time – and gets the job done.

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