Why do shorter people suffer more from lung disease?



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    The studies show that people that are less than the average height tend to suffer from lung disease more. They theorize that this is becasue shorter stature is an indicator of coming from a poorer background. I am not sure if they mean in terms of heritage or a single life of poorer living conditions, but that seems like it would be important to know to analyze the findings. 

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    It seems to me that the studies may be showing a trend as opposed to a correlation. It’s like saying that there is a coincidence that they need to study further. I doubt they are saying that short stature causes lung disease. As far as the poor living conditions go, I think that’s not quite the right way to word it. Statistics show that people have gotten taller over the years, and they attribute this to having an improved diet. Generations ago, people didn’t know as much about nutrition, so they were deficient of certain vitamins and minerals. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they were poor. We’ve just improved our knowledge of the human bodies needs. 

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