Why do sea horses hook their tails together?



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    When sea horses hook their tails together is is part of a multi-hour long courtship ritual. They will also change colors and dance around one another until they finally initiate procreation, in which the male carries the eggs until they mature and are born. The tail hooking is part of their “affection” for each other, and they are one of the few species in the world (like us) who display outward courtship behavior before consummating their relationship in sexual activity, and at time life-long bonding.

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    Sea horses hook their tails together as part of a courtship ritual that can last for over eight hours.  Tail hooking can serve to coordinate the sea horses’ movements in preparation for the female depositing her eggs into the male’s brood pouch.  It can also foster the trust and comfort necessary for a monogamous relationship throughout at least one reproductive cycle, which provides motivation for the male to continue to carry and nurture the eggs.  

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