Why do scientists think that we should afford dolphins human rights?



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    Scientists an Emory University are saying the dolphins intelligence compared to other animals and humans is so high that they should be classified as “non-human person.” The studies concluded the after humans dolphins are the world’s smartest and most cerebrally evolved animal. The scientists are saying because dolphins have “psychological continuities” with humans, it means they are very aware of things, emotionally and intelligently so they see the world as humans do. 

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    Recent scientific study has revealed that dolphins may actually be smarter than chimps. Not only do they have more high evolved social connections and more in-depth personalities (yes, each dolphin has a distinct personality based on its life experiences), but they are also far more self-aware than chimps. They can recognize themselves in mirrors and use it along with others to inspect and make modifications to themselves and their environments. In light of these new findings, many scientists have begun to think of dolphins as ‘non-human persons’ implying that they are just as significant, if not more, than our closest relatives.

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    Because recent studies have concluded that dolphins, which are mammals just like us, are the second most intelligent animals on Earth. They have more functional intelligence than dogs or chimpanzees. Dolphins can learn language, use tools, work together strategically, solve problems, teach one another, and form complex and emotional relationships with each other. They often have larger brains than humans relative to body size.

    In fact, dolphins probably operate with the intelligence of a three-year-old person. Yet we keep them for amusement, and kill hundreds of thousands of them and their relatives every year, accidentally while fishing or even for food. One of the main reasons scientists have made this claim is likely just to stop the slaughter.

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    There may be some scientists saying this, but “scientists” across the board are not saying this.  In fact, most scientists just do science rather than advocating political positions.

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