why do scientists think that australia is an example of what global warming will look like?



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    The environmental phenomena, many catastrophic, that scientists have predicted will be brought about by global warming, include droughts, heat waves, wildfires, mosquito-borne diseases, and wildlife extinction–all of which is already happening in Australia.

    The south has suffered from severe drought, with rainfall at less than 50% of average for over a decade, as well as bush fires. Meanwhile, the north faces monsoon flooding and twin epidemics of mosquito-born malaria and hemorrhagic dengue fever. All over the continent, extremely high rates of animal extinction is a threat–up to 50% in some regions. Australia’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted the Great Barrier Reef will be “functionally extinct” by 2050.

    Scientists think Australia is a prime example of what global warming will cause, since many of their predictions have appeared in Australia, and the extensive, damaging effects of it are right in front of us.

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