why do scientists share their researches



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    Well, by sharing research, a scientist can see how others approach a problem to find details they may not notice by themselves. This helps the entire world, because it help the progression of science, and therefor, the living standard and all that follows.

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    It is very important for scientists to share their research. By doing so they advance our knowledge about the natural world and enable other scientists to learn from their experience. With new knowledge everyone can re-evaluate their own studies and results to help us understand the world. Knowledge can help in all aspects of conservation and will be incoporated into management plans and conservation efforts.

    If scientists did not publish or share their results, we would know far less about the world and little organization would exist in scientific research and academics. Publication and presentation of results is one of the most important things that scientists do. They must remember to not only share their results with other scientists, but make it assessible to the general public, law-makers, and management officials.

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    Sharing research and information allows future work to build off of existing knowledge.  The vast majority of scientific breakthroughs occur with the help of research and technology that others came up with before.

    Scientists also share their research so that everything can be peer-reviewed before being published.  Peer-review helps to ensure that the research has been conducted properly and that the conclusions are backed by legitimate evidence.  Having someone else examine your work can expose flaws and holes that you were unable to catch.

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