Why do salespeople brag about “selling anything to anyone”? Isn’t that immoral?

If a salesperson can sell to anyone, wouldn’t that include people who don’t need the product or who can’t afford it? And if a marketing department or sales person decide to use many false names in GreenAnswers to promote their products that have nothing to do with the purpose of a site, doesn’t that make them especially anti-green?



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    Unfortunately, for many sales people, it’s not about meeting a consumer need so much as meeting their assigned quota. This is particularly true for commision-only sales people, who only earn money IF they make a sale. This is where the stigmatic hurried and hustled attitude comes from for many sales people, because in order to make a lot of money, they must close the deal. That is why the act of selling can sometimes be construed as callous and uncaring, but I’m not sure they are necessarily anti-green. They may simply be trying to advertise any way they can, though their methods may be unorthodox. Even this website needs advertisements to sustain itself financially. Perhaps finding proper channels in which to advertise products would be a better alternative for these individuals you are referring to, though.

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