Why do roosters always crow in the morning?



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    If a rooster crows at dawn then it is only a coincidence; they crow any time they want to, and for a number of reasons.  They might crow because another rooster did or to assert their dominance over their turf.  The amount of crowing is also dependent on the crow’s breed and personality.  That said, roosters do most of their crowing in the morning because that’s when birds in general are at their most active. 

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    Roosters crowing is a way of marking their territory with noise in the same way that a dog does with urine.  They will send out the signal at times of day that they are most active, especially when they first wake up.  There is a myth in southeast Asia that there used to be nine suns, rivers were drying and land was overheating, so the people elected an archer to shoot the suns out of the sky, leaving only one, which hid behind a mountain.  It then grew too cold, so the people recruited animals to call out to the sun to beckon it to return, and the rooster had the most effective call to achieve that end.  The truth is, roosters crow at all times, and dawn is when they begin their day.

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