Why do reptile stores sell animals that if released would cause a problem?



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    It’s not just reptile stores. Many domestic animals would cause a problem if released. Dogs, for instance, have been shown to be very dangerous if they get loose and bite someone. Stray cats can have a harmful effect too by preying on birds. Reptiles, just like any pet, can be a wonderful addition to your family…if you are a responsible owner.

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    I just recently read a story about a boa constrictor that got loose in south Jersey for two weeks, eating kittens and keeping kids indoors. There were also two stories within two weeks of two two foot alligators found in PA. Not to mention stores will sell venomous snakes, scorpions, and tarantulas. There is no guarantee this animals stay in their house forever. Some owners end up abandoning their animals, not realizing how hard it is.

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