Why do red head people get sun burned easier?



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    On average red heads have very fair skin.  They are very likely to have fairer skin than even the average blonde person.  The lack of melanin in their skin causes them to get sun burnt very easily, but is not effected by the color of their hair.  Red hair is correlated with very light skin and does not actually cause a person to get burnt easily.

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    The gene for red hair is genetically linked with the gene for fair skin (as is blonde hair). In the course of human evolution, skin and hair pigmentation both evolved as survival techniques relative to the specific environments of early humans; dark hair and skin evolved in warmer climates where people needed protection from the sun’s harmful rays, and fair skin and fair hair (red and blonde) evolved in colder climates where the skin needed to be able to absorb as much of the limited sunlight as possible to escape Vitamin D deficiencies. 

    This is why, when a red-haired person goes in the sun, their typically fair skin absorbs more light than the average brunette and becomes burned.

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