Why do rabbits scream?



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    Just like humans, rabbits scream when they are frightened or in pain.  

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    Visit the PETA website below for further information regarding the treatment of rabbits.

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    Rabbits make very few noises, but occasionally they will scream.  This will happen only when they are in extreme danger or pain.  The sound is very high in pitch, and unless you see the rabbit screaming, you might not assume a noise like that would come from them at all.  

    The following video is somewhat graphic but illustrates a situation in which a rabbit would scream:


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    I have never heard of a pet rabbit screaming before. Rabbits usually only scream if they are in severe pain or distress. Usually if they have been caught by some kind of predator or are severely hurt.Yes, many rabbits scream when dying. Depends on the method of death. Poor bunnies!


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