Why do poor nations criticize rich nations about climate problems?



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    A lot of times rich nations has maintained their standard of living by moving their dirty work to poor nations.  The idea is that the poor nations will benefit because factories and plantations will bring jobs, but what happens a lot of times is that western countries’ cooperations turn their face the other way while their factories dump toxic chemicals in the local environment, pollute third world communities, and deforest land reeking havoc in the local ecosystems.   Former Green Peace activist Anne Leonard touches upon this in her on-line video “The Story of Stuff”  http://www.storyofstuff.com/  and goes into greater detail in her book, also called “The Story of Stuff”  about the pollution the U.S. and other rich countries have caused in poor countries in order to have products at cheaper prices.

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    To add to americalibre’s point, rich nations emit a disproportionate amount of pollutants compared to poorer countries.  Rich nations influence climate disruption at a greater rate than poor countries; and rich countries have the financial and governmental means to adapt to those changes, while poor countries are left without resources to deal with climate influenced disasters. 

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    An example of this would be the rising sea levels in the South Pacific Islands. The rising sea levels are causing their underground fresh water reserves to be contaminated by salt water. To make matters worse, the islands are also experiencing one of the worst droughts on record, causing them to rely on other countries’ help for fresh water. Desalination machines are being brought in to try and adapt with this crisis. 

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