Why do police use drug sniffing dogs from time to time? wouldn’t it be a bit more beneficial to use a much smarter animal like a dolphin??



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    Dogs are chosen over dolphins for several reasons.  First, dolphins are aquatic, meaning they would only be useful for finding drugs underwater.  I would say a miniscule portion of drug trafficking goes on underwater.

    But, even that notion relies on the faulty assumption that dolphins have a keen sense of smell.  On the contrary, dolphins have NO olefactory lobes, leading many to believe dolphins cannot smell.  Once again, drug dogs have them beat here.

    And, dogs have been bred to work with humans.  Through evolutionary processes, dogs have been conditioned for thousands of years to seek approval from humans, especially working dog breeds.  Dogs are already hardwired to WANT to look to humans for cues, and perform their mutually appointed tasks.

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