Why do poachers kill tigers?



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    Poachers kill tigers for their fur. It’s worth thousands of dollars.

    Tigers are also killed, not by poachers, when they encroach on areas where humans are, which can result in tigers attacking livestock and humans. When a tiger attacks a human, it just wrote its own death sentence (even though it can take some time to track it down).

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    The primary reason for killing tigers is for cosmetic purposes. The pelts, or skin, of tigers is often sold for rugs and other various decorative purposes. The bones and organs are also sold for eastern medicine in their healing powers and thoughts to heal physical and mental illness. The tiger is also perceived as a truly prized kill that many hunters consider one of the highest trophies one can have. Even though tigers are at the top of the endangered species list, they are still actively poached often and their number is constantly on the decline.  

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