Why do poachers kill so many gorillas?



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    Gorilla’s are killed for their skulls and paws for collectors. The paws. I’ve heard, are used as ashtrays.

    Also, gorilla infants are wanted on the black market. either for zoos, as pets or research > In the process of seizing a young gorilla, adult gorillas are killed, protecting their young. 

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    Poachers kill gorillas for their meat and for trophies. Bushmeat refers to meat that comes from animals who live in the forests of Africa (such as gorillas). Gorilla meat is very valuable and contributes to a lot of illegal incomes. Poachers also kill gorillas for trophies. Obtaining a gorilla head, skull, hand, or foot –because of their size and beauty– is unfortunately prized among many people. They are willing to spend a lot of money to have one in their possession. 


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