Why do placebos work for some people, but not others?



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    It all depends on how you conciously and subconciously feel about receiving treatment and recovery.  It works for some people, even if they don’t believe in the placebo effect, if their body associates receiving treatment with the act of recovery.  By simply getting a placebo drug from a doctor, etc., your body might trigger its immune system and release hormones that aid in recovery.  It’s just something that happens subconciously for some people and not for others.

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    The effectiveness of a placebo is completely dependent on how strongly the patient believes that the placebo will be effective.

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    A placebo is a kind of medical/psychological treatment that is a non-treatment.  In a placebo procedure a patient is administered a pill, false-surgery, misinformation, etc that causes them to react psychologically and sometimes even physiologically as though they were successfully treated.  The actual process is complex because the person must think that they have truthfully been given the proper treatment.  Many times in these studies, even the one administering the treatment does not know which patients are receiving placebos and those who do not. 

    The fact is, even now with the advanced medicine our society is working with, it is still unknown how a placebo actually works and seems to be dependent on the patient convincing themselves that they will get better from the treatment or that they will become sick from a side-effect.  NOt everyone who is certain they will get better responds to a placebo, but the importance of placebos in medicine is that they are supposed to prove which procedures do actually create changes.

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