Why do people use leaf blowers? Shouldn’t it be illegal since they could just rake the leaves?



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    Leaf blowers are convenient. People like convenience because we value our time; some people are also either too lazy or too physically unfit to rake their leaves. I’d say it should be illegal if and only if one can use a rake well enough to get the job done quickly and efficiently—working in a 2 man team, one person with an electric leaf blower and the other with a rake works well from my experience (I only wish the house’s power was coming from a solar, geothermal, and/or wind source [it wasn’t though])!

    Did you consider the fact that some leaf blowers plug in? so once we develop sustainable, non-polluting fuel and energy sources, there really won’t be a problem with using leaf blowers at all. But I do tend to agree with you… leaf blowers are lame… especially the gas powered ones! (and with that goes weedwackers and lawnmowers—because we could do without them)….BUT:

    Would you make driving cars illegal too, because you could ride a horse or a bike?

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    I think people with large areas to clear tend to use leaf blowers. I do completely agree with you though that they are pretty terrible and wasteful. Leaves are neither heavy nor difficult to move which I think makes leaf blowers fairly ridiculous. 

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