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    Boredom, pain (both emotional and physical), curiosity, expansion of the mind. Some religions and/or cultures use drug substances to free their minds (i.e. some Native American tribes used peyote in ritual practices). 

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    Some people have too much money and nothing to do so they turn to drugs for entertainment. For a lot of people, they only mean to try drugs one, but the addicting properties of drugs causes them to turn to drugs over and over again because their body eventually needs it to function.

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    There’s a certain low-level, ambient pain (for some) to consciousness, and drugs are away to replace that with something more enveloping, or to escape altogether. I’d recommend reading David Foster Wallace on this — his descriptions of addiction and drug use are stunning. If you just do the pure hedonist analysis, doing drugs seems great — there’s a reason that its a part of, say, college culture.

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