why do people trees

my son is keen to know why people need ot cut donw trees if they are so important



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    Trees are useful for many other things, mainly lumber. Lumber gives us housing, furniture, etc. The leaves, roots, and chemicals in trees can also be used for detergents, cosmetics, and a variety of other household items. Wood pulp is used to make paper. Wood is used in popsicle sticks, toothpicks, etc. All of these uses require the tree to be cut down. However, some modern laws are coming about that will require a company to plant a certain number of trees for every one they cut down.

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    Trees produce oxygen through photosynthesis. They sequester carbon, prevent erosion, distill water, provide habitat for hundreds of species, accrue solar energy, make complex sugars and foods, create micro climates and self-replicate. Finally they produce clouds.

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