Why do people think we need to put a price on carbon and its emissions?



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    Because of the way that our economic system is set up, companies do not usually have to pay for their airborne waste. They just let it fly out of their smoke stacks and in to the atmosphere. They usually have to pay for material waste because someone has to pick it up and dispose of it. We are finding that mitigating problems due to carbon dioxide and other emissions costs a lot of money, including dealing with declining public health and the effects of climate change on agriculture. Who should pay for these problems? Some say that by putting a price on carbon dioxide and other emissions we would force companies, much like they already to with their trash, to find ways to put emit fewer pollutants and resist polluting the atmosphere.

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    hit them where it hurts. Companies are the most harmful and prolific of the carbon (Co2) producers. Companies pollute because it is economical. They are not, usually, evil. they burn coal and create Co2 because it is cheaper. If there is a federally imposed or state imposed tax on Co2 emissions this will discourage companies from polluting.

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