Why do people think they can do whatever they want to the Earth?



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    It’s only in relatively recent years (the last few generations, at most) that concern for the health of the planet has become widespread. Many people, perhaps a majority, are still in the habit of considering their own needs before those of the environment. A lot of people are still ignorant of the acceleration of global warming and other ecological issues; unfortunately, not everyone in the world has the luxury of considering the environment every time they buy food or build a house.

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    It’s a sense of entitelment that has developed over the years as people have lost touch with nature. We value our land less, and take for granted that what we shouldn’t. Also, our society stresses upon us the need to move, think, act, learn, and work quickly. Everything is immediate, including results. Thusly, people take less time to think about the world around them. As they focus on the right-here right-now, they miss out on the future and don’t learn from the past.

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    Because people are in fear that they will be left behind. They believe that others will get ahead by doing whatever they can to the earth. Most people, at heart, only care about themselves and therefore not the earth 🙁

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